Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls Now On Sale!

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SIOUX FALLS (issues #1 – #3) are NOW available for sale at Source Point Press’s new store on their OFFICIAL Website: SIOUX FALLS NOW ON SALE AT SOURCE POINT PRESS

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Sioux Falls issue #2

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Sioux Falls issue #2 is available in time for New York Comic Con, Thursday, October 4th, 2018. Published by Source Point Press! Sioux Falls issue #2 will be available at table 1260 on the main show floor at NYCC as well as the Source Point Press’s table down the 2200 aisle before the book officially hits shelves this winter.

Can’t make it to New York Comic Con? We’ll have additional copies for the third annual Indigenous Comic Con November 2nd – November 4th, 2018 at the Isleta Resort & Casino in Albuquerque New Mexico!

Story: Z.M.Thomas
Art: Amelia Woo
Cover: J. Wichmann & Ula Moss
Page Count: 24

Sioux Falls Now Published by Source Point Press

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It’s official! Sioux Falls is coming to a comic shop near you through Source Point Press and Diamond Previews July of 2018! Make sure you check out your local comic shop and order the book with order code: MAY181981!


Sioux Falls Logo on Tesla Model X

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Artwork for the upcoming steampunk graphic novel, Sioux Falls, can now be seen on a Tesla Model X. Featuring artwork by J. Wichmann and colors by Ula Moss, the Tesla X 90D features the cover from the first issue on both sides, along with a color-shifting wrap.

Sioux Falls is a Native American steampunk comic that is heavily inspired by the 1862 Dakota Uprising, as well as the ever-growing tension between the Standing Rock water protectors and their fight against the black snake, The DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline).

The 100% electric and clean energy of the Tesla Model X makes this the perfect car for Sioux Falls, a graphic novel that takes place in a world drained of oil and the bloody conflict that results in the pursuit of.

Check out the gallery below to view all the photos of the Sioux Falls, Model X.

A special thanks to the folks at The Auto Trimmers, who you definitely should check out, for placing the artwork of Sioux Falls on this Model X.