The Cult of Blob is Coming February​ 2020!

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Cult of Blob


A doomsday cult is in possession of an ancient lifeform that could bring about the end of all life on this planet.

Written by: Z.M.Thomas
Art: Cliff Richards
Colors: Katrina Mae Hao
Letters: Kathryn S Renta

Available Here: Amazon

Now Available at Amazon!

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Now Available Digitally at!

Sioux Falls Now On Sale!

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SIOUX FALLS (issues #1 – #3) are NOW available for sale at Source Point Press’s new store on their OFFICIAL Website: SIOUX FALLS NOW ON SALE AT SOURCE POINT PRESS

Source Point Store Image



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The Bible 2: Volume 1 (Hail to the King of the Jews, Baby!) eBook is NOW available for kindle TODAY at Amazon here: The Bible 2: Volume 1 (Kindle)

Bible 2 NEW Mass Market Cover written by Z.M.Thomas and art by Amelia Woo

Sioux Falls issue #2

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Sioux Falls issue #2 is available in time for New York Comic Con, Thursday, October 4th, 2018. Published by Source Point Press! Sioux Falls issue #2 will be available at table 1260 on the main show floor at NYCC as well as the Source Point Press’s table down the 2200 aisle before the book officially hits shelves this winter.

Can’t make it to New York Comic Con? We’ll have additional copies for the third annual Indigenous Comic Con November 2nd – November 4th, 2018 at the Isleta Resort & Casino in Albuquerque New Mexico!

Story: Z.M.Thomas
Art: Amelia Woo
Cover: J. Wichmann & Ula Moss
Page Count: 24

Sioux Falls Now Published by Source Point Press

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It’s official! Sioux Falls is coming to a comic shop near you through Source Point Press and Diamond Previews July of 2018! Make sure you check out your local comic shop and order the book with order code: MAY181981!


Sioux Falls Logo on Tesla Model X

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Artwork for the upcoming steampunk graphic novel, Sioux Falls, can now be seen on a Tesla Model X. Featuring artwork by J. Wichmann and colors by Ula Moss, the Tesla X 90D features the cover from the first issue on both sides, along with a color-shifting wrap.

Sioux Falls is a Native American steampunk comic that is heavily inspired by the 1862 Dakota Uprising, as well as the ever-growing tension between the Standing Rock water protectors and their fight against the black snake, The DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline).

The 100% electric and clean energy of the Tesla Model X makes this the perfect car for Sioux Falls, a graphic novel that takes place in a world drained of oil and the bloody conflict that results in the pursuit of.

Check out the gallery below to view all the photos of the Sioux Falls, Model X.

A special thanks to the folks at The Auto Trimmers, who you definitely should check out, for placing the artwork of Sioux Falls on this Model X.

Sioux Falls to debut at Indigenous Comic Con Next Month!

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website_sioux_fallsIt’s been three years in the making, and Sioux Falls is finally arriving in time for the first ever Indigenous Comic Con (November 18th) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Originally drawn and colored by Wilson Tortosa and Ruben de Vela, Sioux Falls is getting a new artist, and a completely redone first issue of the book by New York Times #1 Best Selling Artist, Amelia (Mercy Thompson: Homecoming & The Bible 2)

The new book will feature both art from Amelia Woo and Wilson Tortosa, while also including over ten never-before-seen prologue pages that lead into the first issue.

For those who are unfamiliar with the book, Sioux Falls is Native American Steampunk story written by Z.M.Thomas and is heavily inspired by his Native American heritage. Drawing influence from the 1862 Dakota Uprising in Minnesota, where Z.M.Thomas’s Great (x4) Grandfather Wakanazhanzhan was hanged amidst the 38 + 2 in the nation’s largest mass hanging in history.

We’re excited to present to you the first look at the new artwork from Amelia Woo for Sioux Falls, out November 2016.

Thank You NYCC 2015!

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Two words that sum up my 2015 NYCC Experience.
Two more words that sum up my 2015 NYCC Experience.

If I had to sum up my trip to New York Comic Con this year with two words, it would absolutely have to be, “Thank You.

Thank you, NYCC for giving us what was easily one of the most memorable shows that we’ve ever done.  When we started doing this show back in 2012, debuting the Bible 2 in artist alley, none of us expected the kind of support that we get from this show three years later.

Now I’ve been to several shows where the support for the Bible 2 has been completely overwhelming, causing us to sell out of the book in a matter of hours. However, I’ve never been to a show where I’ve literally sold out of absolutely every book and shirt we’ve had.

That being said, New York isn’t just about selling books, but seeing old friends and making new ones, and this year was probably some of the best that I’ve experienced. From all the aftershow hangouts with both fans and friends to the after parties, my liver will likely take a few weeks to forgive me. But it’s ok, it was absolutely worth it.

Needless to say, none of this would be possible without our fans, like you guys. Keep on being awesome and kicking ass!

MSP Recap

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Minnesota Comic Book Association's MSP Comic Con Logo
Minnesota Comic Book Association’s MSP Comic Con Logo

Well, it was a hell of a weekend back home celebrating my local hometown show at the MCBA’s MSP comic con at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds in Falcon Heights Minnesota. Now, there aren’t many other shows that can get more local than this show right here, especially since I spent the majority of my early life living none too far from the fair grounds.

I owe a special debt of gratitude to this show, as it was my launching pad to getting into comics and essentially helped me get my feet wet nearly six years ago, long before ‘Dead Reckoning‘ was published by Arcana and was still under its original title of Contagion. It’s also been one of the only shows that has been consistently (for better or worse) an extremely memorable experience … And this year’s how was no different.

Most notably, 2015’s show was a huge first in that I held my first panel, which was centered around diversity (and lack thereof) in the comic book industry. It was an exciting and an interesting experience to be a part of, and allowed me to delve a bit deeper into “why” I write the books that I write. It also acted as a bit more of a more intimate experience, allowing me to get a bit more personal with my Native American heritage in “Sioux Falls,” but also gave an in-depth look behind the reasoning for creating the Bible 2. So I’d like to say thank you to the other panelists for having me, everyone who sat and watched the panel, as well as the MSP staff and Lisa Olsen for setting it up.

Was a fantastic show to be a part of, and I look forward to creating even more debauchery next year at MCBA’s Spring Con … Errr … I mean MSP Comic Con.