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Minnesota Comic Book Association's MSP Comic Con Logo
Minnesota Comic Book Association’s MSP Comic Con Logo

Well, it was a hell of a weekend back home celebrating my local hometown show at the MCBA’s MSP comic con at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds in Falcon Heights Minnesota. Now, there aren’t many other shows that can get more local than this show right here, especially since I spent the majority of my early life living none too far from the fair grounds.

I owe a special debt of gratitude to this show, as it was my launching pad to getting into comics and essentially helped me get my feet wet nearly six years ago, long before ‘Dead Reckoning‘ was published by Arcana and was still under its original title of Contagion. It’s also been one of the only shows that has been consistently (for better or worse) an extremely memorable experience … And this year’s how was no different.

Most notably, 2015’s show was a huge first in that I held my first panel, which was centered around diversity (and lack thereof) in the comic book industry. It was an exciting and an interesting experience to be a part of, and allowed me to delve a bit deeper into “why” I write the books that I write. It also acted as a bit more of a more intimate experience, allowing me to get a bit more personal with my Native American heritage in “Sioux Falls,” but also gave an in-depth look behind the reasoning for creating the Bible 2. So I’d like to say thank you to the other panelists for having me, everyone who sat and watched the panel, as well as the MSP staff and Lisa Olsen for setting it up.

Was a fantastic show to be a part of, and I look forward to creating even more debauchery next year at MCBA’s Spring Con … Errr … I mean MSP Comic Con.

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